Please check google for our office hours as they have changed.

Important Information concerning on-line class
Please be aware that most of our Behind-The-Wheel instructions
are during the school day

Adult Remedial course will be held Saturday April 27, 2024 Starting 8AM

So, you wanna learn to drive?

It's all about Safety

At Stewardship Driving School we care about the safety of young drivers. Our classes are only two nights a week so as not to overwhelm their study schedule. For the drives, we pick up at home or school in our designated areas. We focus not only on the mechanics of driving but the attitudes of young drivers.

In Person 24 hours + 8 hours behind the wheel

Marysville Classes Offered:
Tuesday/Thursday classes 6:00pm - 9:15pm.

Classes 1 thru 7 can be taken in any order; class 8 must be taken last

**Please contact our office for current class schedules and availability**

We also offer a link to online classes with State of Ohio approved provider, see Online Classes section
NOTE: We give our in-person class and our affiliated online class priority when it comes to booking your 8 hours of in-car instruction.

**Must be 15 years and 5 months in order to begin classes


Please Call the Office for Current Pricing

State approved On-line class

Ohio now provides for online classroom instruction. However, we believe that in-classroom instruction is more beneficial for the student. This experience with a group interaction will also help to focus on driver attitude and safety, beyond just facts and figures. For your convenience we are providing online classroom via an Ohio approved online provider.
*Please Note: These are the only online students we are able to schedule drives for at this time due to our backlog

After completing the entire online course, including the final test, you will be issued a certificate of completion by the provider via email. You can either print this out or you may forward the certificate to our email @ If your don't get the certificate email you may need to check your spam folder. 

The certificate of completion and payment in full is required to schedule the 8 hour drive package.

**Must be 15 years and 5 months to begin classes

Online Course Cost: $89.00  CLICK HERE
This fee ONLY covers the 24 hours class room portion.


"Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car."  

-  E. B. White